Wiloe Leonardo

Wiloe is a Filipino American artist who’s spent her life dedicated to various forms of art.

Born and raised in the Rogue Valley

Wiloe is a Filipino American artist who’s spent her life dedicated to various forms of art. In pursuit of personal growth and discipline, Wiloe spent time in Idaho studying Aikido, a martial art that instilled in her a profound sense of respect, mindfulness, and the importance of creating a safe and comfortable environment for oneself and others. After returning to Oregon in 2018 she started painting with watercolors and other art mediums as a way to translate what she had learned during her studies.

Since 2022, she has been passionately pursuing tattooing, an ancient and sacred craft that seamlessly merges her love for all art and her dedication to creating meaningful connections with her clients. Every piece she creates is a reflection of her client's vision, meticulously designed to flow with the body and tell a unique story. Her style consists of fine line, black and grey, to full color and Neo Traditional inspired tattoos. When she's not creating, Wiloe can be found spending quality time with her beloved dog whose companionship brings joy and inspiration to her daily life.


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