How it all started...
The idea for Ritual came to light in winter of 2007 and the doors opened early in 2008. Chari had been piercing and managing Custom Body Art in Medford since 1999, but after studying with Fakir Musafar she started envisioning something more. "I wanted a space that was safe and comfortable for people to get pierced. I was realizing that there was a whole lot more going on than most of us recognized, and I wanted to create a supportive environment for people to go through whatever transformation they needed to make. Ryan started piercing early in 2009 and was a wonderful addition to the team. "Working with Ryan has been an honor and Ritual would not be what it is today without him" states Chari. After four years Ryan has moved on but clients still ask for and remember him.
Who we are...

Chari has over 17 years of full time experience piercing, though she started pushing the boundaries of her own flesh at a very young age. "It is not about the pain for me. It is about moving beyond, shifting, releasing, recreating. I pierce with intention, and an awareness of the healing and transformative aspects of these ancient body rites."

Chari is a member of the Association of Professional Piercers, holds a Specialty II Oregon license, and is an advanced graduate of the Fakir Intensives. She has pierced with Fakir Musafar in San Francisco, Oakland, and Portland mainly performing ritual hook pulls.

"Working with Fakir has been an honor. He is a great teacher and friend."

"I enjoy working with people and love getting creative! I am grateful to hold space and am honored to do this work for people."