Welcome to Ritual Evolution

Here you will find a safe, relaxed and friendly studio. Chari is a free hand piercer with over 17 years of experience.  

Many types of body piercings are offered including...

  • Ear lobes for all ages. Please call for consultation and appointment.
  • Custom creations and specialty jewelry orders
  • Stretching
  • Surface piercings and micro dermals
  • Dermal removal
  • Genital piercings
  • Ritual and play piercings
  • Energy hook pulls

Body Art done with Intention, Quality and Care.

I care greatly for people and am grateful for the work I do. I exceed state guidelines on safety and sanitation, update regularly on industry news, and use only the highest quality implant grade metals for your body. I have a personal relationship with almost every one I buy jewelry from and support many local artists. I keep a relaxed and most importantly safe space, set intent, and encourage positive change.

Custom jewelry orders welcome. Privacy is always available. We offer a variety of organics including glass, stone, wood, horn, bone, and shell.  I carry nickel free implant grade titanium, niobium, glass, and gold for those with sensitivities.  


545 Lit Way corner of Ashland st.

(Beside the Ashland shopping center)

Appointments are accepted Tuesday - Saturday starting at noon.

Please text or call (541) 951-6221

Make sure to bring I.D. and eat first if you plan on receiving a piercing.